Pole Vaulting Resources

Welcome to our pole vault resource archive; where you can locate other websites related to pole vaulting. We've tried to create the most useful list of pole vaulting websites, however if you think a site should be located in this archive or a listed site isn't active anymore please feel free to contact us.

General Pole Vault Websites

  • Vault World - Vaultworld is the top site for Pole Vaulting information and coaching.
  • Pole Vault Summit - UCS and UCS Spirit Pole Vault equipment is proud to be a founding sponsor of The National Pole Vault Summit.
  • Pole Vault - The Wikipedia entry for the track and field event; pole vaulting
  • Flight Deck Athletics - Pole Vault coaching information.
  • Pole Vaulting World Records - International Association of Athletics Federation pole vault world records.