Pole Vault Requirements

The most spectacular event of Pole Vault is enjoyed both by the competitors as well as by the spectators throughout the world. Shoulder, arm and hand strength, neuro-muscular co-ordination and leg speed are essential for a Pole Vaulter.

Pole Vault Specifications

  • Landing Area: Length - 5 meters; Width - 5 meters
  • Distance between uprights: Max - 4.32 meters; Min - 3.66 meters
  • Length of Crossbar: Max - 4.52 meters; Min - 3.86 meters
  • Weight of Crossbar: Not more than 2.26 kgs
  • Support for crossbar extension: 75 mm
  • Plant Box: Length - 1 meter; Thickness of sheet metal - 2.5 mm; Width at front end - 600 mm; Length of the sheet from the front of the box towards stop board - 800 mm


Poles are made from bamboo, aluminum and steel. A tyro can practice pole vault with these types of poles. In recent years, fiberglass is being used in the manufacture of vaulting poles. They are sturdy, lightweight and easy to handle. Fine, glass threads are spun on the spinning machines, which are bound together using resins and then highly pressurized. The resulting pole is unbreakable and lightweight. Such fiberglass reinforced synthetic material has a density of 1.8 kg/dm3. The length of the pole is about 10 to 15 feet. Selecting a good pole is a very important factor in pole vault. The pole can be of any material. Likewise, the length and diameter of the pole can also be your choice. The important criterion is that the surface of the pole should be very smooth.

Landing Mattresses

Landing from such a height on to the pit filled with nice sand was never soft for the athletes and there were cases of injuries. To make landing safe, landing mattresses are being provided now, which are almost 3 to 4 feet high and made up of very fine fiberfill material.


Any lightweight material including wood is used. The weight should not exceed 2.26 kilograms. The length of the crossbar should be maximum - 4.52 meters and minimum - 3.86 meters.